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Productivity, Note-taking

The original Zettelkasten Method

In the morning, Luhmann would take notes from his readings, penning them down onto a piece of paper with a source inside.

In the evening, he would go through these notes and expand on them, writing about how they impact his current studies.

Indexes in Zettelkasten

Indexes have very few terms. They don’t serve as a broad overview of a topic, but more of an entry point.

Zettelkasten Note Types

notes taken as a reminder of what’s in your head. These are to be removed after some time
  • In Roam Research and Org-roam, make fleeting notes in daily notes
notes related to a project
notes that are standalone, and make sense in their own context.

Arguments Against Zettelkasten

Why Zettelkasten

  1. Forces you to adopt a linking system: connect ideas, tangents
  2. Break ideas up into smaller pieces, increase surface area for expansion

The Zettelkasten Method - LessWrong 2.0