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Playing Atari with Deep RL

Playing Atari With Deep RL (NO_ITEM_DATA:mnih2013playing)

Preprocessing Steps

  1. Obtain raw pixels of size \(210 \times 160\)
  2. Grayscale and downsample to \(110 \times 84\)
  3. Crop representative \(84 \times 84\) region
  4. Stack the last 4 frames in history to form the \(84 \times 84 \times 4\) input


  1. Use of Experience Replay buffer
  2. Separate target network stabilizes optimization targets:

\begin{equation} \delta = r_t + \gamma \mathrm{max}_a Q(s_{t+1}, a ; \theta’) - Q(s_t, a_t; \theta) \end{equation}

The network parameterized with \(\theta ‘\) is a snapshot of the network at some point in time, so the optimization target doesn’t change so rapidly.

  1. Clip \(\delta\) to \(\left[1, -1\right]\)

Improving DQN



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