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Hindsight Experience Replay


Hindsight Experience Replay

Key Challenges

It is challenging for agents to learn in environments where the rewards are sparse. It is desirable to design algorithms where manual reward engineering is not required.

Key Insight

Consider a state sequence \(s_1, \dots, s_T\), and a goal \(g \ne s_1, \dots s_T\). We may re-examine this trajectory with a different goal – while this trajectory may not help us learn how to achieve state \(g\), it tells us how to achieve the state \(s_T\). This information can be harvested by using an off-policy algorithm and experience replay where \(g\) in the replay buffer is replaced with \(s_T\). This trajectory can also be replayed with goal \(g\) intact.

This modification results in at least half of the replayed trajectories containing meaningful rewards, and makes learning possible. Using Universal Value Function Approximators, which are policies and value functions that take as input state \(s \in S\) and goal \(g \in G\).

HER as Implicit Curriculum

Goals used for replay naturally shift from simple to achieve goals achievable by a random agent, to more difficult ones. HER has no explicit control over the distribution of initial environment states.