Jethro's Braindump

Work Clean

Work Clean
Dan Charnas


  1. Always turn up early, greet the day
  2. Calculate Meeze point
    • Optimal number of Actions done per day


  1. Optimize the workplace:
    • Put pens etc near dominant hand, not so important things within arms reach. This is to prevent hands from crossing over, reducing friction.
    • Think about all the pain points, and think about how to automate them.
    • Make checklists for recurring tasks. Checklists are immutable, unlike task lists.
  2. Difference between immersive time and process time
    • The first minutes matter more than the last
    • process time sometimes has more value
    • Assign a block of 30min in the morning for process time, then alternate between immersive and process time
  3. Clean as you go
    • Remove distractions from workplace
    • Close emails etc as you go
    • Email mark and sweep process:
      1. Look through once, flagging and marking all as read
      2. Revisit flagged ones, take action if any
      3. Unflag when done
  4. Slow down to move faster
    • Deliberately slow down to access quality velocity
    • Maintain some forward momentum
  5. Aim to finish/keep the finish in mind
    • Do effort estimates, and try to keep tasks small, so that they’re completable in shorter bursts
    • Clock in time, take deliberate breaks in between, weigh the value of a pause in between work