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Weekly Review

Get Clear [0/3]

  • [ ] Get “IN” to Zero: Review any meeting notes and miscellaneous scribbles on notepaper or in your mobile devices. Decide and list any action items, projects, waiting-fors, calendar events, and someday/maybes, as appropriate. File any reference notes and materials. Get the “in” areas of e-mails, texts, and voice mails to zero. Be ruthless with yourself, processing all notes and thoughts relative to interactions, projects, new initiatives, and input that have come your way since your last download, and purging those not needed.

  • [ ] Empty Your Head: Put into writing or text (in appropriate categories) any new projects, action items, waiting-fors, someday/maybes, and so forth that you haven’t yet captured and clarified.

Get Current [0/7]

Get Creative [0/2]


How are you doing right now?

What went well this week?

What didn’t go so well this week?

Did I learn anything important this week?

Is there anything I can tweak, simplify, or eliminate?

What is currently holding me back?

What urgent questions do I have?

What do I feel grateful for in my life and work/school?

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