Jethro's Braindump


Getting Things Done (GTD)

Zeigarnik Effect

Interrupted tasks are better remembered than completed ones

  • Stop coding halfway while having a good streak, and come back another day

Work Clean (Mise-en-place)


  1. Always turn up early, greet the day
  2. Calculate Meeze point
    • Optimal number of Actions done per day


  1. Optimize the workplace:
    • Put pens etc near dominant hand, not so important things within arms reach. This is to prevent hands from crossing over, reducing friction.
    • Think about all the pain points, and think about how to automate them.
    • Make checklists for recurring tasks. Checklists are immutable, unlike task lists.
  2. Difference between immersive time and process time
    • The first minutes matter more than the last
    • process time sometimes has more value
    • Assign a block of 30min in the morning for process time, then alternate between immersive and process time
  3. Clean as you go
    • Remove distractions from workplace
    • Close emails etc as you go
    • Email mark and sweep process:
      1. Look through once, flagging and marking all as read
      2. Revisit flagged ones, take action if any
      3. Unflag when done
  4. Slow down to move faster
    • Deliberately slow down to access quality velocity
    • Maintain some forward momentum
  5. Aim to finish/keep the finish in mind
    • Do effort estimates, and try to keep tasks small, so that they’re completable in shorter bursts
    • Clock in time, take deliberate breaks in between, weigh the value of a pause in between work

Building a Second Brain


Capture anything that comes to mind, and process them later on.


After collecting snippets, process them in what is called layers:

  1. opening the notes app to add images, text, links or other information
  2. boldfacing the key sentences in a note
  3. highlighting the most important sentences that you boldfaced.
  4. summarizing the note in your own words - in a sentence, image or diagram
  5. creating a blog post, tweet storm, video, podcast, or other expressions from what’s learnt

Not all snippets require all layers of processing.

  • Capture any information that resonates with you
  • Add other layers whenever the urge strikes
  • Move insights from images into text
  • Separate capturing from the following phases

Organizing (PARA)

Organize for actionability rather than meaning.

  1. Project-related notes are the most actionable. These include tasks that are to be completed, and any information directly related to these tasks.
  2. Notes about areas of responsibility come next, e.g. school, work.
  3. Resource notes include selected passages or complete contents of articles and books on any topic that are of special interest.
  4. Archives get the least follow-up.

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