Jethro's Braindump

Portfolio Composition

General recommendations

  1. Invest in ETFs, not single stocks (§investing_in_etfs)
  2. Invest “110 minus your age” into stocks, and the rest into bonds
  3. For the stock component, half should be in local-stock ETF and half in global stock ETF
    1. Global stock ETF is inherently more volatile, affected by currency
  4. The bond component should be entirely local

Good ETFs

  • SPDR Straits Times Index ETF: ES3
    • big, liquid, 0.3% expense ratio
  • MBH, Nikko Asset Management SGD Investment-Grade Corporate Bond ETF
  • IWDA, the iShares Core MSCI World ETF
    • invests in every developed market in the world, 0.2% expense ratio

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