Jethro's Braindump

Generalization In RL

  • Generalization using successor features (Dayan 1993).
  • Adapt to new reward structure (Barreto 2018)
  • How many tasks are needed before modern approaches generalize? (Cobbe 2019)

Generalization with selective noise injection and information bottleneck

  • Insight 1: Selective noise injection for gradient update but not behaviour (rollout) policy speeds learning
  • Insight 2: Regularization with Information bottleneck is particularly effective

\begin{equation} \nabla_{\theta} J\left(\pi_{\theta}\right)=\widehat{\mathbb{E}}_{\pi_{\theta}^{r}\left(a_{t} | x_{t}\right)}\left[\sum_{t}^{T} \frac{\pi_{\theta}\left(a_{t} | x_{t}\right)}{\pi_{\theta}^{r}\left(a_{t} | x_{t}\right)} \nabla_{\theta} \log \pi_{\theta}\left(a_{t} | x_{t}\right) \hat{A}_{t}\right] \end{equation}


  • Multi-Room (Chevalier 2018)
    • No room is seen twice
  • CoinRun (Cobbe 2019)
  • openai/procgen

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