Jethro's Braindump

Visual Basic


Concept Explanation Examples
Variables Use Dim to declare variables Dim Name As String = "lijin"
Dim Year as Integer = 2020
Arrays Arrays have brackets beside them Dim Arr() As String = {"OCBC", "UOB"}


If Val > 2020 Then
  Console.WriteLine("Value more than 2020")
  Console.WriteLine("Value less than 2020")
End If
Dim Apple as Integer = 5

Select Case Apple
  Case 1
    Console.WriteLine("I have 1 apple.")
  Case 2
    Console.WriteLine("I have 2 apples.")
  Case 5
    Console.WriteLine("I have 5 apples.")
  Case Else
    Console.WriteLine("Not sure how many apples.")
End Select


Dim A as Integer = 1
While A < 10
  A += 1
End While
For i = 1 to 10
For Each item As String In groceryItems

Methods, Subroutines and Classes

Subroutines do not return values, while methods can. Classes can contain methods.

Public Sub Fibonacci(ByVal n As Integer)
End Sub

Public Sub Add (ByVal a As Integer, ByVal b As Integer)
End Sub
Public Function returnsOne() As Integer
   Return 1
End Function
Public Class Calculator
   Public Function Add(ByVal a As Integer, ByVal b As Integer)
      Return a + b
   End Function
End Class

Dim calc As New Calculator()
calc.Add(1, 2)

For excel specific functions, see here.