Jethro's Braindump


The optimal studying strategy

  1. Glance at past year paper questions

Rationale: understand the kind of questions to be asked, prime the brain for chunking, mental pump

  1. Glance through relevant textbook chapters

Same rationale. Understand the big picture.

for n from 1..N

  1. Glance at tutorial n

Understand the problems that typically come out from this chapter.

  1. Glance at textbook chapter subheadings/structure.

Form big picture.

  1. Read textbook with 2 passes minimum.
    • First pass to get general feel, less math
    • Second pass to understand deeper

Work through the example problems at least once after first pass, when encountered during second pass. Attempt to recall during break, in a different location. Try to solve the problem without referencing solution.

Rework this problem after the break.