Jethro's Braindump

Reading and Writing Inbox

This is a list of articles or books that I found interesting at some point in time. Not all of them will be read: this is both impossible and unlikely. Some, I will read in more detail, and others, I will read shallowly and refile somewhere else.

To engage with the content I’m reading, rather than simply making annotations on the content, I will also process the ideas presented into evergreen notes. The workflow is something like this.

  1. Read the piece of content, and make annotations on it (with These annotations go into a writing inbox.
  2. When I’m done with reading, take a look at the corresponding writing inbox, and process them into evergreen notes. Mark annotations as processed once they are done, clearing the writing inbox.
  3. Mark the piece of content as done.

The List

DONE Context switching costs more than we give it credit for. - Thinking Through

TO-READ Evergreen notes | Executable strategy for writing

TO-READ Expectations Investing

TO-READ Interview with David Kim a.k.a. Scuttleblurb - Liberty’s Highlights

TO-READ [1711.02281] Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation