Jethro's Braindump

What I'm Doing Now

This is a regularly updated log of what I’m currently looking into.

  • Looking into the deep ends of Robot Grasping and Bin Picking. My task is pretty specific and simple for now, but I’m still getting used to ROS, and trying to setup a simple controller for the robot.
  • Keeping tabs on Event-based Vision and other things to do with neuromorphic hardware. I think there is a strong future in event-based sensing with low-power robotics, and also with tasks that require high temporal resolution such as slippage detection.
  • Working on Org-roam, as usual. Developmental progress on it has sort of stalled. Now that I’m getting back into research, the flaws and things I want are starting to show, and I want to sit on my workflow a bit more before upgrading Org-roam to fit it better.
  • Pruning this digital garden. There are a lot of unnecessary notes. It always feels wasteful to delete notes, but I think it will eventually be for the best.

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