Twitter Data Science Event

Maya Hari, Twitter Managing Director APAC

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Indonesia’s flood relief effort empowered by geolocated tweets.

Half of the world’s millennials will be in Asia by 2020. Asia is a great canvas for solving and innovating on problems, making Asia an engine for growth for Twitter.

Transliteration and languages are the next frontier of opportunity.

Miguel Rios, Data Science lead at Twitter

Twitter #interactive visualizations The Data Science Venn Diagram — Drew Conway

Data Science Organization in Twitter

  1. Foundational Data Science work
  2. Growth Team
  3. Habits Team
  4. Health/Metrics Team

Product Data Science Lifecycle

Opportunity Sizing -> Testable Hypotheses -> Experiment & Design -> Instrumentation & Metrics -> Experiment Review -> Post-release Check-ins

Diana Macias, Client Engineering Manager

140 character limit story

Angad Singh, Data Science Team Lead, Twitter SG

Twitter SG Data Science Team

3Vs of data at Twitter

Production Systems

Analytics Tools

Analytics Front-ends


Core Data Libraries

Interactive SQL

Data Visualization:

Data Insights

Basic Counting

Data Science - Custom Analytics

Machine Learning

Ideal Talent Stack