Jethro's Braindump

Papers (13)

  1. SimCLR
  2. Are We Really Making Much Progress? A Worrying Analysis of Recent Neural Recommendation Approaches
  3. Differentiable plasticity: training plastic neural networks with backpropagation
  4. Surrogate Gradient Learning In Spiking Neural Networks
  5. A Distributional Code for Value in Dopamine-based Reinforcement Learning
  6. Deep Reinforcement Learning That Matters
  7. Single Layer XOR
  8. Hindsight Experience Replay
  9. A critique of pure learning and what artificial neural networks can learn from animal brains
  10. Neural Ordinary Differential Equations (Review)
  11. Playing Atari with Deep RL
  12. Markov Logic Networks
  13. Temp Coding with Alpha Synaptic Function

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